Five Common Assumptions about Shipping on eBay

Five Common Assumptions About Shipping on eBay

Updated March 13, 2020

For newer sellers, shipping on eBay can seem a bit intimidating. So, we reached out to the experts on eBay’s shipping team to find out what’s troubling those who are new to the game.

What did we find out? Five of the most common assumptions are easily rectified with a little more information. So, we’re here to clear up confusion and bust the following myths:

1. It’s hard to calculate shipping costs.

It’s hard if you’re not prepared. To get the most accurate costs every time, pre-pack your item in advance. You’ll need a few sizes of boxes or mailers on hand (help with that in #2), bubble wrap, and a low-cost shipping scale. Once you pack your item, simply input your dimensions and weight into the fields during listing. Then, for easy handling, place a post-it on your box that indicates what’s inside. Buyers love free shipping, so if you can understand your costs ahead of time, you can add your shipping costs into the item price and attract more buyers. eBay’s shipping calculator makes it easy to understand what your costs will be, and using eBay labels will help you save on shipping compared to purchasing from USPS or FedEx at their retail locations.

2. Finding the right size box is challenging.

It doesn’t have to be. If you prefer shipping items via Priority Mail, you can get free boxes and mailers at the post office. You can also order a wide array of boxes on, or from the eBay branded shipping supplies store. We recommend the latter, as buyers are growing accustomed to receiving their merchandise in branded marketplaces boxes.

3. If I sell a lot, I’ll be spending all my time at the post office.

Actually, it’s just the opposite. The more you sell on eBay, the less time you spend at the post office. Why? Because high-volume sellers have USPS come to them! All you have to do is use eBay Labels to print out your Priority Mail or Express Mail postage and then schedule a free pickup. Also, eBay Labels come with tracking information that’s sent directly to your buyer. You’ll also save money – up to 24% off USPS and 36% off FedEx.*

4. Accepting returns seems like a hassle.

No one likes returns, but having a return policy doesn’t necessarily lead to a spike in returned merchandise. A good return policy gives buyers peace of mind that they’re not locked in to an item they don’t like. Plus, when you use Returns on eBay, they can be as automated as you want- just set up the policy that works for you. Buyers who have a good returns experience are likely to buy again.

Check out this  sample return chart to see how easy the process can be.

5. Shipping internationally is a whole new level of complicated.

Selling internationally is similar to selling domestically when you use eBay’s Global Shipping Program. All you have to do is send your sold item to the Global Shipping Center and eBay handles the rest. And by “rest,” we mean customs forms, taxes, import charges, and actually getting your item to the customer. If your package is lost or damaged on the international leg of its journey, eBay handles the buyer refund, and you still keep the sale earnings. eBay also just launched a new shipping service for US exports, eBay international standard delivery, which offers very competitive and simple pricing for shipping to international buyers on your own. Best parts of eBay international standard delivery is very competitive transit times, up to $100 of shipping protection offered, reliable tracking, and easy USPS drop off/pickup.

Have we alleviated some of your fears about getting your item(s) from point A to point B? If you still have questions, leave them in the comments section.

*Average discount for all labels purchased on compared to retail rates.

The above article is a guest post. It was authored by Shana Champion and originally appeared on the eBay for Business blog and appears here with permission. The opinions expressed in this article are solely that of the author and not of BULQ. All content remains the copyright of eBay.

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