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Let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of the reselling business. Learn tips and tricks for managing logistics, from storing to packing to shipping.

Bookkeeping and Tax Prep: What Resellers Need to Know

Reseller Small Business Bookkeeping at Home

Accounting and tax professionals who work at small business bookkeeping offices across the country can all agree on one thing: if businesses are to succeed, business owners must know their numbers. It doesn’t matter how big or how small a company is, or how long they’ve been in business, they need to know the true financial state of their business. For many new resellers, the thought of tracking financial data, such as the cost of goods sold, sales tax, and […]

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4 Tips for Selling Health and Beauty Like a Pro

Selling Health and Beauty Online

In today’s digital age, consumers are now, more than ever, turning to ecommerce to shop for their health and beauty needs. And as shoppers become more reliant on social influencers and beauty bloggers for all of the latest trends, online sellers are following suit and catering to the needs of millennial shoppers. The health and beauty industry is constantly evolving and there are a number of ways to stay ahead of the trends and capture this growing online market. These […]

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3 Tax Myths about Tax Preparation for Resellers


Yep, it’s that time of year again – time to file our federal and state tax returns. W-2’s are out and receipts are in. Banks and other financial entities are sending us their year-end reports, and tax preparers across the U.S. are braced for long hours over the next three months to meet the demands of the tax filing season. With so many requirements for self-employed individuals, resellers often turn to other resellers, or to social media groups and forums, […]

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Tax Preparation Do’s and Don’ts for Independent Sellers

Tax preparation do's and don'ts for independent sellers

If you’re an independent seller or an online reseller, you know taxes are not just a menace that come around once a year, but a chore that needs to be maintained all throughout your selling career. So, what does tax preparation for independent sellers involve? For some, it’s all part of a day’s work, and they’re prepared to take on the task. They have bookkeeping systems in place and have talked to tax professionals who have set them on the […]

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5 Tips for Selling Clothes on eBay Like a Pro

Tips for selling clothes on eBay like a pro!

Apparel is a hugely popular category for top eBay sellers. That’s no wonder since clothing shoppers are two times more likely than any other category of shoppers to shop online (and also twice as likely to purchased in used condition). But that opportunity comes with increased competition on eBay, so don’t fall into the trap of thinking “If you list it, they will come.” Successfully selling clothes on eBay requires exceptional merchandising to attract and convert buyers, even more so […]

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eBay Valet vs Amazon FBA: Comparing Fulfillment Services


Whether you’re just starting out in online arbitrage, or eager to expand to a new platform, it pays to know what services are designed to make parts of your selling process easier. Both Amazon and eBay offer fulfillment services for selling products on their platform, but how do the two stack up against each other? Amazon’s “Fulfillment by by Amazon” service, known as Amazon FBA, is marketed towards sellers that do not want to store and ship inventory themselves. Similarly, […]

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5 Steps to Stop Wasting Time When Sorting Wholesale Lots (Pallets and Cases)

How to sort through your pallet

New to sourcing pallets or cases of liquidation goods? Buying wholesale lots can be very cost-effective, but when your order contains possibly hundreds of individual items, efficiency is critical. While buying and processing in wholesale quantities can feel intimidating if you’re just getting started, we have some tips to help you stop wasting time. (After all: time is money!) Here are five essential steps to sort and process your wholesale pallet or case effectively. 1. Clear Your Space Before receiving […]

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Delabeling or Defacing Wholesale Goods: A Primer


Delabeling, sometimes also referred to as defacing, is a common process that some retailers require of resellers when their overstock goods are being sold on the secondary market. Sourcing and selling delabeled merchandise presents a fantastic reselling opportunity, though it’s important to understand and follow a retailer’s policies when sourcing these types of liquidation lots. Before purchasing lots that require delabeling or defacing, you’ll be asked to agree to take specific steps in processing the inventory, but it’s a good idea to understand […]

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Fixer-Uppers: Tips for Repairing Merchandise for Resale


No matter where a reseller sources products, they’re bound to find merchandise that, though valuable, is a little rough around the edges. Sometimes the damage is a result of poor shipping and handling. Products found at clearance, at a secondhand store, or at a yard sale pass through many hands and often aren’t treated delicately. While some make their living fixing and reselling goods, this can be frustrating for resellers who don’t—and there are two reasons why. First, standards for […]

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Buying and Selling for Profit: 5 Tools to Save Time (and Money)


In the buying and selling for profit business, you are constantly balancing the time and money equation. It can be challenging, since input doesn’t always match output. Just because you spent three hours sourcing doesn’t mean you necessarily have valuable merchandise to show for it. Sometimes, you may spend no time at all and find yourself with a gold mine. Admittedly, simply stumbling upon high-grossing product is rare—and it’s definitely not something you can count on. So instead, your goal is […]

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