BULQ’s Inner Mom-ologue: Courtney on Her Mom, Sis

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we wanted to honor the wonderful women who helped shape us and those who are now shaping their own families. Welcome to BULQ’s Inner Mom-ologue, a series of short interviews with BULQ team members as they share what “Mom” means to them.

Courtney Herb, BULQ’s Digital Brand Manager

In what ways are you most like your mom?

HA! Too many ways. Probably the biggest is that we both tend to be worriers, particularly the lay-awake-and-stare-at-the-ceiling kind. I was REALLY bad about that as a kid, so she was often pulled into my random 12-year-old worry spells at all hours of the night, which she always managed to get me out of. BUT, this worrying nature also makes us both really great planners, as we like to know what we’re getting ourselves into (less to worry about!). And, I’d be totally remiss if I didn’t mention our shared love of dark chocolate and coffee, especially at the same time.

What items would your mom most likely try to resell?

My mom is actually a new reseller herself! She recently sold a bunch of stuff that was lying around our house on eBay, and got a pretty decent profit for it. A large share of it was random things my brother and I no longer use, like a horseback riding helmet and skateboard gear. But, there were a few vintage items, such as some old Barbies and a Mickey Mouse landline phone, that turned into bidding wars!

What is the best lesson your mom taught you?

The power of selflessness. From the moment my brother and I were born, my mom dedicated her life to ensuring ours were the best they could possibly be. She was at every soccer game, every school play, and jumped at the chance to get involved, even if it meant doing some less than amazing tasks (like organizing costumes for 45 14-year-olds who did NOT know how to hang clothes). It wasn’t until I was much older that I truly realized the level of sacrifice she committed to for us. But to her, it was never sacrifice at all. She was just doing what she loved; being with and supporting her kids in any capacity, because “Mom” was, and continues to be, her favorite job in the entire world.

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