BULQ Auctions

Introducing BULQ Auctions!

BULQ Auctions give you the opportunity to name your price and bid on a large selection of cases and pallets, spanning across all categories and conditions.

What are BULQ Auctions and how do they work?

Whether you’re a long-time customer, or trying out BULQ for the first time, participating in BULQ Auctions is open to anyone! For existing BULQ customers, simply log into your account. For new customers, you will be prompted to create an account before placing your first bid. Once you place your bids, you can monitor your auction activity through the MyBids page, and will receive email updates from the BULQ team throughout the event.

When the auction is over, customers who submitted winning bids will be notified and directed to a payment page to complete their order.

Why is BULQ adding auctions to its site?

Since BULQ launched in 2015, we have constantly been working to improve the buying experience and cater to the needs of the reselling community. Throughout the years, we’ve added cases, price drops, and launched a BULQ sourcing app on iOS and Android. In addition to these new features, our customers continue to source from us because of our transparent offerings, flat rate shipping, and dedicated support team. With auctions, the BULQ Promise stands strong – the only difference is that you now have more say over what you want to pay for a large selection of lots.

Our goal with BULQ Auctions is to provide another way for you to score deep discounts on top liquidation and wholesale inventory, with extra shipping discounts for an unmatched deal. Shipping is only $20 per case and $170 per pallet!

How to get started?

BULQ Auctions officially begin on March 12th at 12:00 p.m. ET and will be running for 48 hours every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. To receive email notifications with more information, please subscribe at BULQ.com/auctions. You can also join Auctions right from your phone, by updating to BULQ iOS App v2.0.

Please post any questions you have in the comments section!

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    • Colleen Falvey June 25, 2018 at 3:42 pm #

      Hi Mary – We’d be happy to speak more with you about BULQ Auctions. Our Customer Care team is available Monday-Friday, 9 AM ET – 6 PM ET at: 1-844-311-BULQ (2857). We look forward to hearing from you!

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