4 Reasons to Source Smaller: BULQ Wholesale Cases

The BULQ team has spent a significant amount of time meeting and listening to entrepreneurs in the reseller community and know that there are a lot of resellers who prefer to process a smaller amount of inventory than what is typically sourced at the pallet- or truckload-level. BULQ cases, which are smaller wholesale lots, are a great gateway into sourcing liquidation goods. They are shipped in reusable boxes and will get to you faster, allowing you to turn around inventory and start selling it on Amazon, eBay, and other marketplaces quickly.

Some of you only sell specific categories. Some would prefer to test new categories at a smaller scale. Whatever your reasons may be for preferring smaller lots, we’ve got you covered with cases.

Here are some of the ways these BULQ wholesale cases will benefit you and help you grow your business:

Wholesale cases are easy
They are delivered right to your door and can be turned around and processed quickly. Faster processing keeps your business moving! Their smaller size makes them easier to handle. Cases also do not require scheduling delivery.

Wholesale cases are a lower up-front investment and save space
Cases allow you to start sourcing on BULQ with a minimal investment. They are sent via ground shipping for $30 per case. Their size makes them especially suited for new buyers who operate out of their home or a small garage.

Wholesale cases often contain a more specific mix of categories
Given their size, cases are more likely to contain a more specific variety of categories in each box. This makes them ideal for sellers who specialize in certain categories or want to test new ones—opening up many new opportunities.

Wholesale cases are reusable
The boxes are sturdy, neatly packed, and can be reused to send products to fulfillment centers or to customers. As a result, there will be less waste and your experience will be more convenient at the same time.

Cases are designed to appeal to even more sellers, including you. To see how easy wholesale cases can be, go to BULQ.com and start sourcing today.

If you have any questions, post them in the comments section!

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