BULQ Unboxed: Our Backstory

We are BULQ. We’re in the wholesale liquidation business, but we have a different way of thinking than most folks in the industry. We’re committed to making buying from BULQ the best possible experience. To that end, we’ve done our best to get to know the resellers we work with. But we figured it’s probably about time for resellers to get to know a little bit more about us.

We don’t want to be mysterious wholesalers behind the curtain—that’s just not our style. So here’s a little bit about where we’re from and why we exist:

The BULQ backstory
Our co-founders, Tobin Moore and Adam Vitarello, started out as eBay resellers. Back in the early days of the auction site, they were sourcing inventory from antique stores and other small retailers in the DC area. Their business grew quickly—they moved from a garage, to the back of a pawnshop, and eventually got their own storefront. They sold all kinds of merchandise; once, they even resold a 1965 Mustang convertible.

The amount of returns and excess inventory that they were able to source and sell clued Adam and Toby into an opportunity: reverse logistics is a major challenge for both large and small retailers across the country. So they started a company called Optoro, whose software helps businesses find the most profitable paths for goods that are returned or excess. One of those paths is wholesale, so we launched a wholesale sourcing website in 2015. It’s called BULQ.

Building BULQ differently
Adam and Toby knew that wholesalers have a bad rap. Buy one thing and get another. No easy way to pay or ship. You simply can’t trust anyone.

Toby and Adam wanted BULQ to be different. They wanted the platform to be a reseller’s partner, rather than their adversary.

They started with the most important thing in business relationships: trust. At BULQ, we appreciate that you’re choosing us as a supplier, and we know actions speak louder than words in showing it. We’ve made it easy to shop by category or condition, so you can source product that you’re comfortable selling. We also guarantee accurate manifests. If there’s a difference greater than 2 percent of what we promised, we’ll make it right—it’s that simple. And we’ll handle the shipping and logistics side of the arrangement. You’re running a business; we know you have enough headaches.

We know you’re going to need to reach us sometimes, so we make sure our team is available by phone or email six days a week.

Achieving sustainable B2B eCommerce
We believe in small businesses and entrepreneurship, so we want to give resellers the opportunity to work for themselves. By providing the best possible merchandise visibility, we can help entrepreneurs at any stage—beginners or seasoned veterans—make good investments in their businesses and themselves by extension.

This is our core mission for BULQ: to help our customers source smarter and sell better. We want to take away the usual hassles of sourcing by providing detailed and guaranteed manifests, easy shipping, and a steady mix of wholesale lots spanning categories and conditions. In doing so, we hope to build lasting partnerships and help your business grow.

Building and running a business is challenging enough. We think sourcing inventory should be the easy part. We’re here for you!

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