BULQ Unboxed: BULQ Reviews from YouTube

BULQ’s customers are our lifeblood — we’re committed to their success and are always eager to hear about BULQ-buying experiences. As such, we wanted to showcase some of our favorite BULQ unboxing reviews on YouTube and provide resellers with the tools and feedback necessary for making informed sourcing decisions.

Unboxing Video of Salvage Home & Garden Pallet by “Hooked On Pickin'”

Heather from Hooked on Pickin’ is a BULQ superstar. Since her first BULQ review in April 2017, Heather has unboxed dozens of BULQ cases and pallets.

This featured BULQ review of a salvage pallet walks us through 47 Home & Garden products, ranging from blenders in their original packaging to a new-in-box Fitbit. Heather shares her confidence in selling these items and is overall very pleased with her decision to venture out to a new condition of product.

Unboxing Video of New Toys & Baby Pallet by “Side Hustle Pros”

Chaz is another prominent entrepreneur in the reseller space. In addition to being a reseller, Chaz  runs the popular Facebook group, Amazon FBA Rockstars, a great community for those looking for support in getting started in the reselling business. Chaz also provides transparent and easy to follow unboxing videos for his followers.

This featured video of his “1st BULQ Pallet from Start to Finish” seamlessly walks us through every step of the process, communicating his expectations, goals, and reactions. Throughout the review, it’s clear that even as a beginner, Chaz is able to seamlessly unbox the products, and get started fulfilling shipments for customers.

Unboxing Video of New Consumer Electronics Pallet by Walter Blake Knoblock

Walter’s videos are often short and to the point. This BULQ review features a successful video game purchase with tips for those looking to branch out and source more niche categories. Walter is upfront about his expenses and profits, and has had great success with consumer electronics.

Unboxing Video of Uninspected Returns Home & Garden Case by Chad Bartlett

Chad has shared numerous entrepreneurial videos, guiding those who may be new or unfamiliar with the selling space. In this BULQ review, Chad walks us through his BULQ unboxing and ROI calculations. His calculations show that the Home & Garden case he scored for just $91 will result in a 201% ROI!

Unboxing Video of Apparel and Accessories Pallet by “F & M Closeouts”

Mandy’s first BULQ unboxing video is thorough and candid. Her BULQ review does a great job of capturing the sentiments that many other new resellers experience. As a result, you’re able to get some key insights into what to expect when purchasing from BULQ.com.

When researching a new source of liquidation goods, a great first step is checking out unboxing videos such as the ones above. You’ll get an unbiased, first-hand look at what to expect directly from sellers like yourself. Do you have any other favorite video reviews? Comment below with ones you’ve found particularly helpful or check out more BULQ testimonials!


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