Instagram Takeover Terms and Conditions

Congratulations! You have been selected to take over @BULQWholesale’s Instagram Story for BULQ’s Takeover Tuesday.

BULQ’s Instagram Story Takeover Tuesday highlights specific resellers and enables them to connect and engage with @BULQWholesale’s followers for the day. This audience is made up of fellow resellers, prospective buyers, and Optoro employees. It’s important to keep in mind that these followers also include official reselling platforms that you may use to list your inventory.

The tone of @BULQWholesale content should be consistently positive, engaging, and informative. However, we encourage you to capture your reselling experience and share your unique perspective as a reseller and business owner.

Before being credentialed for the account, you’ll need to review the following account content guidelines. You must accept and acknowledge these terms and conditions by responding to this email. This will serve as a confirmation and agreement to the terms and content guidelines outlined. 

All content distributed on behalf of the @BULQWholesale account is a direct representation of BULQ, as well as of yourself. Your management of the account is an opportunity to enhance others’ understanding and perception of BULQ, reselling, and to help build your personal brand.

  • Take all necessary precautions in crafting appropriate content. All posts are monitored closely by community management. If the meaning of your post isn’t explicitly relevant to BULQ or reselling, it may be more appropriate for your personal account. Avoid content that could be taken out of context, as well as inside jokes or situational posts.
  • We ask that you be mindful of posting patterns and avoid oversharing, socially unacceptable language (i.e. writing in ALL CAPS), and innuendo (sexual or otherwise). Additionally, you should make sure your posts do not contain grammatical or spelling errors.
  • Use discretion when promoting events, issues, and yourself. Maintain an appropriate balance of both individual and cause-related content.
  • Absolutely NO mean-spirited or demeaning content, vulgarity, racial slurs, trolling, or combative or taunting language will be tolerated. This includes references to drinking, alcohol, parties, and drug use.
  • Since you will be representing the account for a limited time, we require that you refrain from offering political views, promoting partisan affiliations, or expressing opinions that could be viewed as endorsements on BULQ.
  • The @BULQWholesale Instagram account is an official communication channel of BULQ. Your access is limited to the agreed upon time frame. Since you are not an official spokesperson for BULQ, you may not post any content that could be interpreted as speaking on behalf of anyone but yourself.


The BULQ marketing team monitors and has the ability to moderate all content on this account. Content found in violation of this agreement will be deleted. Excessive violation of this agreement will result in the termination of the takeover and your immediate removal from the account. If you have questions regarding if the content is appropriate, do not post it.

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