Our BULQ Backstory

Hey there – we’re BULQ! We’re an online inventory provider dedicated to creating an easy, transparent, and reliable sourcing experience. If you’re here, that probably means you’re interested in learning about who we are and what we do. So, let’s get started.

The BULQ Backstory

BULQ’s co-founders, Adam and Toby, actually started out as eBay resellers themselves. Back in the early 2000’s, they sourced and resold inventory from antique stores and other small retailers in the Washington, D.C. area. Their business expanded quickly, in part due to the surplus of excess inventory they sourced from stores who were unable to manage it.

Adam and Toby soon realized that handling overstock and returned goods was a huge challenge for retailers of all sizes. So, they started our parent company, Optoro, to help retailers route these items to their next best homes.

One of the biggest avenues for these items is making them available to resellers via wholesale liquidation. But, Adam and Toby recognized the often untrustworthy, unknown nature of the industry. So, in 2015, we set out to reinvent wholesale liquidation by launching BULQ, an inventory source that puts transparency and customer service in the forefront. Today, BULQ continues to lead the way by offering a wide selection of inventory from top retailers, as well as specialized resources to help resellers start and scale their businesses.

What Sets BULQ Apart

So, what makes BULQ different from other, more traditional online wholesale liquidators? We’re glad you asked…

Easy To Use

From first-time resellers to enterprise pros, BULQ makes finding, purchasing, and receiving inventory quick and convenient. With both desktop and mobile options (available for Android and iOS), we work to fit into your schedule, so you can source anytime, anywhere.

Dedicated Support

We treat our resellers’ successes the same as we treat our own. That’s why, if an issue arises, our Customer Care Team is there to make it right. Available via email (help@bulq.com) and phone, we’ve got your back for questions both big and small.

Honest Reliability

With detailed lots and guaranteed 98% manifest accuracy, our customers can feel confident in getting exactly what they expect- quality inventory at a great price. Our easy, full-service shipping also means resellers can count on the careful handling of their order every step of the way.

Ready to Give Us a Try?

So, ready to become a BULQ HULQ? We have some great places to start!

At BULQ, our reselling community is at the center of what we do. We’re here to help entrepreneurs of all skill levels start and scale their businesses by not just providing inventory, but forming a lasting partnership. After all, being your own boss is hard enough- inventory should be the easy part.

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